Sunday, February 15, 2015

Election 2

Election day. Once again. There are some differences in German and American elections. While the American election day is always on a Tuesday in early November, elections in Germany are Sundays without further limitations. Different elections are often on different days. For example, today is election for the state legislation in Hamburg, in four months there will be state elections in Bremen, and so on. I like the US way with one day to rule them all. You get over it and don't have to deal with elections for two more years- what am I saying, for four more years.
Electioneering is a bit different, too. Unlike America, nobody  puts any political signs in their front yard. Instead, the parties put billboards with there (non)messages and they are everywhere.
For me, it was the first election at which I could take part. For long time, I didn't have the German citizenship and soon after I got it, I left the country. Please, don't start with absentee ballots.

Streets in Germany at election times

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