Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Boy Nicknamed Snoopy

Let me fill the gap before the next big thing with a post. I haven't bloged for a long time. I missed blogging. It's time for another old story. Because it happened many years ago, the way I remember it might be totally different from what really happened. Last year, I wrote that Snoopy is one of my nicknames. The origin of that nickname dates back to the time when I was in the 7th grade, the year in which I established myself as a class clown. Two of my classmates came to me one day...
Classmate 1: You look a lot like Snoopy
I didn't liked to be compared with a dog.
Me: No, I am not!
Classmate 1: I'm going to call you from now on Snoopy
Me: No, you are not!
Classmate 2: Oh yeah. That name suits you
Me: No, it does not!
Another classmate came.
Classmate 3: What's going on here?
Classmate 1: Snoopy doesn't like to be called Snoopy.
Classmate 3 to me: Why not?
That was the moment my nickname caught on. At some point even some teachers were calling me Snoopy. But, I didn't mind anymore. I did intensive research (I read "The Peanuts"). My research lead to the conclusive result that Snoopy is the most awesome dog. Snoopy is so awesome that all the other dogs say to him "You're the dog!" and Snoopy always answers "No, You're the dog!".