Monday, April 7, 2014

Day of Past Failure

Folks, I haven't blogged for a long time and I'm sorry for that. I was busy and I didn't have any good ideas for a new post. My girlfriend furiously demanded "lovingly asked" for a new post.

It all started about a month ago, when my friend asked me to help her move. All of the heavy furniture had already been moved, with the exception of one heavy dresser. That dresser was the beginning of the day where everything went wrong.  Being the late comer, I was asked to move the dresser. In the new house, we had to take it downstairs. My friend went to the front and I was pulling it on the other side where the trolley handles were. While I was taking the dresser down I saw that my hand can be squashed between the dresser and the trolley. I started to pull my hand as fast as possible from the danger zone. Unfortunately, it was not fast enough. I saw it coming like in slow motion. As the dresser went down a step, it pulled the trolley closer to itself and in between the trolley and the dresser was my poor little thumb. It started bleeding profusely a little bit. But that was enough to make me light headed. After getting a band-aid, I was off the hook. The others could finish the moving without me.

Later that day my beautiful girlfriend and I went down a highway that had a lot of construction. The road became bumpy and the car started to rattle. Suddenly, we hit a fairly large pot hole and then the car started to shake. We had a flat tire. We started looking for a place to pull off the road. But we had just passed the last exit before merging onto a highway and because of the construction the shoulder lane was closed. We started freaking out. Fortunately, we found an abandoned entrance ramp right before the big highway merge. Now, all we had to do was to change the tire. Except we never changed a tire before. We went to the trunk and grabbed what we could, which included: one spare tire, a lug wrench, and a lifty thingy. Yep, the lifty thingy. That is what they call it in the car mechanics shop. We decided to divide and conquer to get some extra assistance to change the flat tire. Jennifer went off to find help, while I sat by the car and cried "waited for help".  A few moments later, a young man accompanied by his dad started to work on the flat tire. That's when we found out that the lug wrench we had wasn't the right size for our tire. The only fortunate thing was that the dad had a truck full of tools. I mean full of tools.

That evening after dinner, my thumb started to swell up. By the morning it was clearly bigger than the good thumb. But at least the day where everything went wrong was over and we survived. I acknowledged it with a thumb up- a big thumb up. Part of the reason why I didn't blog for so long was because I was injured. I couldn't hit the spacebar with my thumb and using the other one is just wrong.

PS: Extra credit for Jennifer, who gave me the idea for this post, contributed to it, and edited it.

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