Friday, August 29, 2014

Garden Estate

A lot happened the last months. I moved back to Germany and I had my farewell party on my birthday. I asked my guests not to bring any birthday presents- it was a birthday party where the guests received gifts. The next day I took my flight to Germany with my two bags. After four years in Denver where I worked as a scientist I changed my profession. Although it was not a big change. I code now but I used to code also before. The keyboard is still my main tool at work. But now I also play on a keyboard in my free time: I still have big hopes for a career as a member of a music band with my siblings. The Pezeshki Fives' big break through could happen anytime.
While everyone is busy emptying a bucket full of water on themselves, I was busy helping my father with his new garden. He recently bought a shack for the garden. It took us less than a day to finish the walls and the last roof beam. I wanted to stop the work and celebrate "Richtfest" - the topping out. But my dad said no and continued the construction. Working that fast can be dangerous and accidents can happen easily. Sure enough, my dad had an accident. While he was hammering he hit his thumb. The next day his thumb was swollen. That brought some painful memories up.