Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lost in Torrent

Finally, I was  on the island Sylt. The beach I went to was a beautiful one next to a nudist beach. The weather was nice, not too hot or too cold and the water temperature was pleasant, not like the other times I went for a swim. One thing that happened was I lost my glasses in the water and the torrent of water took it away before I could get it back. So, I am next to a nudist beach and the first thing I do is lose my glasses. By now, the glasses could be anywhere in the seven seas. If by any chance you find my glasses in Tanna, Vanuatu, send me a message. It’s like a message in the bottle I send just with my glasses instead of a bottle and my glasses instead of a message.
The glasses were old and didn’t fit well. Just a few weeks ago, I played basketball and several times after I made a sudden move the glasses took off my face. The flying glasses weren’t the worst thing that happened to me during that game. 

Beside the lost glasses, it was a fun trip and I could extend my extremes by a hair's breadth. It was a lot of fun. I played frisbee and Hooverball. Unfortunately, my shoulders got a sun burn and my muscles become sore from Hooverball. So now, it hurts from inside and the outside. I was worried that without glasses I wouldn’t be able to play, but I did well, as far as I could tell. Nonetheless, I want to be prepared for the unforeseen. Therefore, I am going to buy some emergency contact lenses, you know, for the next time I’m close to a nudist beach and lose my glasses.  

Saturday, August 1, 2015

It happened again!

Injured fingers become a thing on my blog.
Comparison between healthy and injured.