Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Godbrother

Let me start with: Mafia, Cosa Nostra, the mob, Stidda... I will come back to that later.
My brother Soheil and I travelled to Sicily. I wrote already how he become a vivid reader of my blog. Now, he wants to become a contributor. The title of this post was his suggestion. He also told me what I should write, but I declined because it was not my style. When I told Soheil, he replied I don't know how to write a good post. Yeah right, a blogger with tens of reader and multiple Blogbuster awards doesn't know how to write a good post...
In one travel guide, it was recommended not to mention Mafia or other names for it when you travel through Sicily. It feels good to be able to say it again. That's the reason for the beginning of this post.
In Sicily, there were a lot of lovely narrow side streets that I photographed. Soheil used to take pictures from narrow side streets, but not anymore. He lost the eye for what's picture worthy.
On the volcano Etna, I saw fumes coming out of the top craters, but I couldn't smell any sulfur.  In Palermo, the museums were expensive and uninteresting. And in Siracusa, it took sometime but than finally I could call out "Eureka, I have found an Archimedes statue". On our way back from Siracusa the bus was full. The bus driver stopped at each stop to tell the people at the stop, there is no seat available for them. At one stop a woman didn't want to wait for the next bus. She stood in front of our bus and blocked it Sicily style.
I will post in the next weeks some pictures from the travel. For now, there is only this one.
Eureka, here he is

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Yellow is the new black

In the dark time of the year I felt not safe on my bike and so I decided to wear a bright jacket. At the beginning of fall, I bought a yellow jacket that I have been wearing since and with that I feel safer. That’s great. But there is more to run as a human banana than I initially thought. When I go with a group to a crowded place, nobody gets lost because I will serve as a beacon. If I get lost I have to go to a visible spot and wait till someone in the group finds me.
Where is Waldo? 

Another thing I noticed, people ask me more often for directions. They notice me more and I can’t hide. After all, a yellow submarine is a contradiction.  

Friday, November 4, 2016

The Forth Man

Hello or Grüß Gott as they say in Austria. I was in Vienna for some days and I'm going to write about now. It's another travel post and it will contain some magic. But I promise not to post about Harry Potter again.
Snowy-owls in the Natural History museum Vienna. No connection to Harry Potter!
My friend Anies told me Austrians are more easy going than Germans. Germans are aware that there is Austria but sometimes ignore it. For the reader from the US: Austria is for Germany what Canada is for the US. O those Austrians!

Some weeks ago my brother Soheil and I longed-for some culture and we went to the opera, to the magic flute in Hamburg. I was not an opera guy but the magic flute did not change that. The word "but" was misplaced. I was not an opera guy and the magic flute did not change that. Weeks later I went to the city where Mozart composed this master piece.
Mozart was born in Austria and lived and died in Vienna. To use the 'Canada equals Austria' metaphor again: Mozart is for Germany what Justin Bieber is for the US. (In this moment a fatwa against my live is issued by classical music muftis and by teenaged girls)
Staircase or Stiege in Mozart House in Vienna
I reported from my travel to Madrid where I couldn't understand the language. And here again another language I don't understand. I'm just kidding or as the Viennese says: Ich schob einen Wuchtel. Actually, I was singing in Vienna with Austrians. I was adding the German accent to the else Austrian music.
Bottom line, Vienna is a beautiful city with lovely people. Let me also give a shout-out to my host Anies. Goodbye or as the Austrians say Servus. Servus is not just goodbye but also a greeting like Aloha in Hawaii. Wait, did Austria just went from being Canada to being Hawaii?