Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Travel to Two Cities

I'm several months behind and have to catch up with new posts. 2017 was a Scandinavian year from the point of travels. There was my journey to Norway last summer, but what I haven't wrote about till now is my travel to Sweden and Denmark at the end of the year. So, let me tell you what my brother Soheil and I have been up to.
To be more specific, we went to the city of Malmo in south Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark.

We took the train. The train ride included also a ferry that the train boards. Denmark and Sweden are connected through the Øresund Bridge.
Øresund Bridge in the back
We went to a museum in Malmo. The exhibition was interesting. It was interesting because it had a room with video games that you could play. Yay, best museum ever.
Video games in a museum 

Malmo has a knotted Gun sculpture that we went to see. I was a little bit disappointed when I saw that it's pretty small. It appears bigger in pictures but it's about half a meter high.
Don't get fooled by the picture. It's not big.
In Copenhagen, we went to the usual sites. The famous mermaid was flooded by tourists who were shipped in by buses. They came in to see the little sculpture that is covered by bird poop and didn't care for the other sculptures nearby that were lonely.

Sculpture that is left all to itself

Tourists are the worst. Only want to snap a selfie with the most popular and don't care for everything else. Well that's it for 2017. As I said 2017 was a Scandinavian year. The focus in 2018 will be somewhere else, but that's a story for another time.
Selfie time

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Advertisement 10

If you are displeased because I haven't blogged for a while worry not. I have been working on my other blog lately. The blog "Of Mice and Quanta" which I started in 2013 and supposed to be a diary of my work as a computational scientist has been evolved now to a tech blog. Introducing "Because we code"*

* Name subject to change

Friday, October 27, 2017

Party like it's 2000

Time to take out your party hats from the closets. It's time to celebrate another odd event. As of today I am 2000 weeks old.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Polar Regular

The G20 meeting was next to my office and I knew in advance that there will be a lot of hassle. So, I thought it’s time to travel the world again. Since, I was about to become 20 million minutes old I decided to fulfill one of my bucket list goals and travel to the polar region. My destination was Tromsø/Norway. With 69° North, Tromsø is north of the polar circle and it will also boost my bounding box. One highlight in my travel was to see the midnight sun. 

It’s fascinating to have no sunset and sunrise. People didn’t seem to care for day or “night”, at least my host family was active at 2 am.
Let’s take a look on the numbers. 

As my website shows there’s no dawn or dusk, no sunset and sunrise in Tromsø. Compared to that Hamburg has all of that. It only misses an astronomical dawn and dusk this time of the year.
Beside the midnightsun, there was a lot more, which I will not detail, like my quest for Munch’s “Scream”, the attack of a seagull, and the masses of German tourists. Ouugh German tourists, they are the worst, I mean we are the worst.
Even more German tourists in the port of Oslo.