Thursday, November 22, 2012

Me, Myself & Blog

I am busy with the redesign of my blog and homepage. A lot is going to change. I will let you know once everything is done. Because of all that I don't have time to write a longer post. But you will not miss out on your weekly scoop of me. Here are some post from other people about me or where I am mentioned.
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Monday, November 12, 2012


A horrible time ended fortunately last Tuesday with the election. It's done for now, no more electioneering. It was an awful time but at the same time it was interesting to see the differences to electioneering in Germany. Some people here see it as there duty to put signs of whom they support. In the Halloween season the most terrifying decoration in the lawns were political signs.
Political signs in the lawns
Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected. Some call this re-election historic. I think his election was historic and big and I don't see how his re-election can keep up with that. Historic persons will be subject of TV documentaries, soap operas, and vampire movies. It's a matter of time till "BHO" will be on HBO.
A very interesting development happened on state level. Colorado, Oregon, and Washington had proposition to segregate from United States and become a part of the Netherlands by legalizing marijuana. The proposition in Colorado had the number 64 and the supporter got donations from pro marijuana groups from all over the US. With that they had more funding then the opponent. With all the money they run an intensive add campaign. At the university campus (where else?) the pot heads covered each place with there adds. Proposition 64 will legalize marijuana and tax it. The collected taxes will go to schools in Colorado. It will be the first time that smoking weed will help our schools. In Colorado and Washington the propositions were accepted. Now, the question is if the federal government will allow the legalization of marijuana in those states. BHO would not be the first president who would fight segregation, not even the first from Illinois.
"Yes on 64" in Denver university campus
More money and more advertisements