Sunday, July 15, 2012

Step 9

Tomato Mozzarella Omelet
French Freedom Toast

Khoreshte Ghorme-Sabzi

Khoreshte Badenjoon


 Jenny says: mmmm!

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Big, Fat, American-Spanish-Scottish Wedding

My friends Rezal and Robert got married. They had a typical American-Spanish-Scottish wedding. Although, everyone of you had attended at some point in life such a wedding I am going to blog about it and about all the additional events which accompanied the wedding.

The Engagement Party

Well actually, I can't write a lot about the engagement party because I was not invited to it. In fact, I have never been invited to an engagement party in my life. That is not intended to be a criticism to Rezal and Robert - they don't have to invite me - it's a criticism to my 3 married siblings who didn't invite me to their engagement party. Soheil, don't bother to invite me to your wedding if you don't plan to invite me to your engagement party.

The Wedding Shower

As I understand, wedding showers are a new developments and are based on bridal showers. I was not the only man attending for the first time a wedding shower. Wedding showers are one of the many times you have to buy a gift. I just realized you need to buy a gift also for engagement parties. Soheil, you don't have to invite me to your engagement party, nor to your wedding shower. Being the son of a Yazdy and Isfehani is the Iranian equivalent of being Scottish. 

The Bachelor Party

In order to prevent my blog from a R rating and because I don't want to expose Robert, I'm going to stick with the "official" version: We played video games all night long. We played a game called Warcraft 3, I mean of course Warcraft 3.0 (@Robert: They will buy it more easily if we use .0)  

The Wedding Rehearsal

Wedding rehearsal is one more thing I attended for the very first time. As far as I know, I have never been before at a wedding that was rehearsed before. As the represent of the Spiritual Assembly, I had to sign the documents at the wedding. To not mess up I had to attend the rehearsal and practice how to sign.

The Wedding

Originally, I thought my task at the wedding would be something different: eight or nine months ago, before Rezal and Robert were engaged, Rezal asked me if I would like to be her maid of honor. I told her, it was my dream since I was a little girl. I meant by that: "yes". But she must have understood: "hell no", she asked someone else. It's not the first time Rezal and I had a misunderstanding.  Instead, I become the representative of the Spiritual Assembly, or as someone at the wedding called me: "the guy who has married them". To clarify, the Spiritual Assembly has married them - I was just representing the Assembly. But, I love my new title and I will keep it anyway.

The Wedding Reception

I'm running out of space so I will keep it short. Another reception, lots of food, music, no dancing.

Wrap up

One or two months ago, I meet Robert while he was planning his wedding. I asked him how he was doing. He rolled his eyes and said with a tired voice: "There is so much to plan for a wedding". I guess the hassle is the reason why in America most breakups happen while weddings are planned. In Germany most breakups happen during the seven year itch (verflixte 7. Jahr). So, congratulations Robert and Rezal, you made it through the worst part. From now on, it will be only better. Let me give you an advice for the next seven years: Don't move to Germany.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Little Mr Sunshine

I have changed again, dude. I never thought I will have enough of sunshine and wish it will rain. Let me back up. When I was a child and before my family and I moved to Germany, we lived in a place where we had 360 sunny days. Rain was so unusual that the one or two times in the year it rained we run out and start to dance in the rain. Than, we moved to north Germany, with the overcast days all year long. There, nobody dances in the rain. When after one week rain the sun came out for half an hour, I had to sing "I can see clearly, now the rain has gone".  Beside that, I couldn't express any feelings in such a grey environment.
Two years ago, I moved to Colorado where the sun shines for more than 3000 hours in a year. People here don't know what a rainy week means. That amount of sunshine brought all sorts of forgotten feelings back but also a desire for rain. And we need rain here - there are several wild fires here in Colorado - thank God, it rained the other day.  So much sunshine can be trouble. Not only it can cause wildfires but it also makes sick: The other day, when I was thinking about all the people who lost their homes to the fire, I didn't want to do anything anymore. This sickness effected also my scientific curiosity: I didn't care why the raindrops which rolled down my cheeks were so salty.