Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Fleeting Frontier

I was thinking about all my travels. All the places I have been and the extremes I have reached. Here are my extremes (where many men have gone before):
Southernmost: 9º N in 2012  (Addis Abeba, Ethiopia); I have never touched the southern hemisphere
Westernmost: 118º15' W in 2010 (Los Angeles, California)
Easternmost: 52º E in ~1980 (Tehran, Iran); the majority of the world population have been further east!
Northernmost (ignoring flyovers): 54º45'N in ~1992 (Flensburg, Germany) 69º40' N in 2017 (Tromsø/Norway)
Highest point (ignoring airplane flights): 4286 m above sea level in 2013 (Bierstadt, Colorado); Coloradans are frenetic about hiking 14ers
Lowest point: 429 m below sea level in 2009; only few people went lower - that's how low I ride

What about you? What are your extreme points?

Update 2017: Added the Tromsø/Norway trip

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