Wednesday, August 17, 2011

License to Go

It’s a while since my last post. Unfortunately, there was nothing exciting going on. Once you settled, everything becomes same ol’ and even new things turn out to be boring. Root beer floats turned out not to be as amazing as people here told. I should show Americans how Germans mix things up and give them some Spezi (Cola + Orange Soda) to try.
To fill a gap in my blog I’m going to tell an old story. It’s from the time I got my driver license. I was driving for the first time with my license, my dad and mom where passengers. I reached a traffic light which just turned red, and while we were waiting my dad told a story. My dad heard that story from a cab driver, for simplicity let’s call the cab driver Jan. My father told: “One day, Jan was waiting in his cab for costumers when he saw a shady man passing his cab and going to the first taxi in the line. The shady man and the driver from the first cab started to discus. The discussion became more and more heated. Soon, it didn’t looked like a simple discussion but a dispute. Jan thought that he had to do something or else that will end bad. He went to the two and said to the shady man:. Go - go”. I was wondering if the shady man will go or if he will pull out a big knife. My dad said: “Go, ... Soroosh go”. At that moment I realized that the traffic light turned green and the “Go - go” was not part of the story but my dad’s desperate attempts to make me drive. The traffic light had a perfect timing to make a fool of me.

PS: I don’t remember how the story with the shady man ended but he didn’t pull a knife.