Saturday, November 13, 2010

L.A. Exposed

Yet, another report from the road. This time, I was in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. A friend of mine asked me to visit him in California.
LA has a lot of nice beaches. Although, the weather was perfect for someone from Germany, I decided not to swim. Because, I saw the pacific the very first time and it was the first ocean I saw in my life, I tipped my toes into the water. For the pacific, my toes were not enough, so a wave made sure that also the rest of my body felt the water.
Beside the beaches we went to UCLA, Hollywood, hiking. We got kabab wasted and I got a first class coma-i soltani afterwords.
At the end I almost stayed in LA. I arrived at LAX less than 30 minutes before my flight and almost couldn't check in. But, with a lot of running I caught my flight. Looking back this was maybe the most funny part, at least it was the most exciting.

That's it for today from Uncle Soroosh :)