Sunday, February 3, 2013

Around the World in 80 Hours

ActvityLocal TimeMountain TimeElapsed Time
Drive to DIA1 Apr 18:001 Apr 18:000 h
Airport check-in; Security check1 Apr 19:001 Apr 19:001 h
Boarding flight to London Heathrow (British Airways BA0218)1 Apr 20:451 Apr 20:452:45 h
Touchdown in London Heathrow2 Apr 12:352 Apr 5:3511:35 h
Boarding flight to Tokyo - Narita (Japan Airlines BA4602)2 Apr 19:152 Apr 12:1518:15 h
Touchdown in Tokyo - Narita3 Apr 15:002 Apr 23:3529:35 h
Boarding flight to Denver - DIA (United Airlines UA138)4 Apr 17:004 Apr 1:0055 h
Touchdown in Denver - DIA4 Apr 12:504 Apr 12:5066:50 h
Arrive home; Assume the bet is lost because it is April 54 Apr 14:004 Apr 14:0066:00 h
Realize it is not to late; drive to the club5 Apr 1:005 Apr 1:0079:00 h
Arrive at the club and win the bet in the last minute5 Apr 2:005 Apr 2:0079:59:59 h

Actually, it should be possible to fly in one way and back in 80 hours. And because round trip tickets are cheaper than one way, it would save money.