Saturday, March 5, 2011

The One Billion Second Man

Another milestone reached. I have lived my first one billion seconds that's 1,000,000,000 s (for German readers: 1 Miliarde oder That took a while. Yes, I am that kind of guy who use all opportunities to celebrate him self. I also celebrated my 10,000 day alive - it was awesome. That was during my time as PhD student. I was a PhD student between second 837 million and 962 million.
You probably know, I got my PhD in Physics. As physicist, I am wondering how much time dilation I had in the 1 billion second. Thanks to the relativity theory, it is known that velocity cause a clock to run different than a resting clock. Life is movement. If I now sum up all time dilation, because of all the times I run, took an airplane, drove faster than the speed limit, and so on, would these be a second time dilatation? My guess: No, it's more like 1/1 billion second.
Enough physics for now - life is not only physics. I tried out so many things. Last week I went skiing for the first time. Just in time to strike it from my virtual list of things I want to do in the first 1 billion seconds. First thing I want to do in the second 1 billion seconds: write a list with things to do.