Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Bright Balloon

I was in Madrid for almost a week. I flew the same day Bayern Munich played against Atlético Madrid. There were some Bayern fans in my flight from Hamburg. Probably, you think now that's weird and I have to agree with you-Bayern Munich fans who live in Hamburg, that is weird.
In Madrid I attended a training for coordinating community building. The details of the training would be beyond the scope of this post. Nevertheless, I want to share one learning. A group of people playing with a bunch of balloons is all you need to explain the world.
The conference was attended by people from different European countries, and therefore, we had translations in all different directions. We didn't always need translation. We studied material, that was available in the different languages and when we read out load, we read in the language we had in front of us. So, one person read in English, the next continued in Spanish and the next in French and so on.
Not everything was good. The food was bad. IT WAS BAD. We had freedom fries everyday. And everyday they were bad. Everyone was wondering how such a simple thing like fries can be done wrong. But the cook always managed to make them soft and tasteless. Tasteless was most of the food we got during the training.
That's it for this trip. Now that the summer is over, I will post more often...I think.

PS: Bayern Munich lost the game against Atlético. Did I have to tell that: No. Did I want to tell it: You bet.

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