Saturday, October 24, 2015

20 again

People often think I’m younger than I really am. As a kid I was really annoyed when people said “O you’re 13? I thought you're nine!” Nowadays, people make my day when they think I’m in my early twenties. I hit the big 1, and that was some years back. 

I’m posting this in the internet, which shares the same experience. When asked how old the internet is, people often think of their analog modem that made terrible noises: “That was the end of the nineties, right? Maybe 20 years give or take one or two years?” 
No, the internet started in 1969, so, it is 46 years now. Even the world wide web, or “the web”, is from 1989, so 26 years old. When people say "the internet is in it’s early twenties", they probably make internet’s day.

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