Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rise of the Industrial Machines

I was on the Hannover Messe the world's biggest industrial fair. There were a lot of boring things to see. All kind of cables, pipes, screws, more cable, small electronic devices, huge electrical transformers, and more cables. But there were also interesting things to see: Robots. There were industrial robots in different sizes.  There was a robot that was filling bottles to empty them a moment later, a robot that was placing big boxes on the assembly line and then take them down again - yes, fair robots perform sisyphus tasks. I saw two robot arms playing with a football, robot arms dancing with music and disco lights, a giant robot arm lifting a car body and swinging it around, and a humongous robot arm doing the same with two people to replace a funfair ride. We played foosball against a robot and finished with a tie by scoring a late goal.
When I entered an exhibition hall with a number of robots I thought: "Wow. how cool is that". I fool. In a few years these robot arms will learn to assemble legs for themselves and then they will rise against us. Everyone in the exhibition hall will be doomed. What am I saying - they will have legs. You will be save only on a one way trip to Mars. Everyone else will be doomed. DOOMED I say!
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