Sunday, October 5, 2014

Primary School Musical

Kids, in the late 80s, I changed my school. I went from a regular elementary school, where I didn't understand a word, to a language class, where I learned German. As a kid it is easy to learn a new language. After half a year in the language class and before the summer break my German was not fluent. I remember coming back from the summer break and, somehow, I could speak fluently German.
Before the summer break two Iranian sisters were in my class and they could help me out with things that I didn't understand. The two girls left and two Iranian brothers, twins, joined the class. The mentee became the mentor- I had to help the twins.
In the language class we sang a lot of German children songs. We learned a lot of songs about birds for example the "Bremer town musicians", "the bird wedding", and the sing-off between "the cuckoo and the donkey".
School is of course more then lessons. It was at that school where I was elected class president and was lead actor in two different productions of "Where the Wild Things Are". After one and half years in the language class, I could attend a regular 5th grade at the same school. There my grades dropped. My mother blamed video games and, therefore, she allowed us to play only during school breaks. My mom might have been right. In the sixth grade, I got better grades and I could change school and attend a gymnasium, the advanced academic schools in Germanys education system.

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