Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Name of the Bros

My brother Sina has birthday. This year I am going to give him a picture I drew as a present ... and this post. Don't you love if you get something which comes from heart in stead from store?
Sina is the big brother. He has been around all the time I was in this world. That has some drawbacks. When I was little, I was nicknamed "Susu". That was a long time ago and since everyone stopped calling me that. Everyone except Sina - he still does. To tease him, I nickname him "Sisi". Two can play that game.
Susu and Sisi
Because my name is Soroosh, which is for most people difficult to pronounce, spell, and remember, people often try to come up with a nickname for me. My policy is: I will ignore the nickname and pretend they are talking to someone else. Depending on who is more stubborn either the nickname dies or it catches on. Most of the time, people come up with variations of my name as a nickname, like "Roooosh" (Thanks to David "The Faz" Faroz for that name). Girls like to add an extra vowel at the end of my name, very common is an "i" or an "a". The nickname "Doctor Doctor" is because I'm Dr Pezeshki (Pezeshk is Farsi for physician). From time to time, people give me the same name as heroes from popular culture. I have been nicknamed "Snoopy", "Spiderman", and "Harry Potter".
"Roooosh" is not just a name, it's a lifestyle 
Ohh, I got off track. I wanted to write about Sina. What did I forget? O yes. Happy birthday, Sina.
Next year, I will make a vase out of clay for Sina's b'day

PS: Some other nicknames include but not limited to: Super Soroosh, Evil Soroosh, the dream crusher, sope

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