Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Little Mr Sunshine

I have changed again, dude. I never thought I will have enough of sunshine and wish it will rain. Let me back up. When I was a child and before my family and I moved to Germany, we lived in a place where we had 360 sunny days. Rain was so unusual that the one or two times in the year it rained we run out and start to dance in the rain. Than, we moved to north Germany, with the overcast days all year long. There, nobody dances in the rain. When after one week rain the sun came out for half an hour, I had to sing "I can see clearly, now the rain has gone".  Beside that, I couldn't express any feelings in such a grey environment.
Two years ago, I moved to Colorado where the sun shines for more than 3000 hours in a year. People here don't know what a rainy week means. That amount of sunshine brought all sorts of forgotten feelings back but also a desire for rain. And we need rain here - there are several wild fires here in Colorado - thank God, it rained the other day.  So much sunshine can be trouble. Not only it can cause wildfires but it also makes sick: The other day, when I was thinking about all the people who lost their homes to the fire, I didn't want to do anything anymore. This sickness effected also my scientific curiosity: I didn't care why the raindrops which rolled down my cheeks were so salty.

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