Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Bus Ride

People have told me that I should get a car and that public transportation is useless in the US. Nevertheless, I decided to go by bus and buy a car later, when I am settled.
I don't think that public transportation is bad in Denver. The buses drive very frequent. In fact, if I take a look on the schedule they drive more frequent than in Germany.
In Germany, the priority for the bus driver is to be on time. Here, the priority seem to be to drive the people. That's maybe why they also open the door if someone want's to get in after the bus already have left the bus stop. You never see that in Germany. And the people here say thanks to the driver before they get out of the bus. That's so strange - I will never do that.
Instead of pressing the stop button you have to pull the string here. The ride with the bus takes a lot of time. For the short distance from home to work I need more than half an hour in the bus, due to the hundreds of bus stops and thousands of stop signs. The buses here are old, but as long as I come home and to the office I'm OK with them.
It's time for me to get out. Let me just thank the bus driver - oh - damn peer pressure.

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