Saturday, December 7, 2013

Stacheky & Mutch

I finished No Shave November with a full beard. After having for two years a goatee and throughout November a full beard I wanted t try something new and grow a mustache and since the beginning of December I am mustached. Before Thanksgiving someone was telling me his experience with his mustache that he grew in Movember. He said people reacted mostly negative.  I have now also been through the same experience.

When I was on a video call with my mom and my new mustache I was waiting for her to comment on it. But she didn't mentioned it at all. Maybe she didn't see it or she didn't had to say anything good and therefore decided to say nothing at all. Later that day I had a video call with my brother Sina. It took him just a second to start to laugh and a minute to tell me to shave it off.
The first time my girlfriend saw my mustache she didn't say anything for a long time. After some time she said I should shave it off. This reaction surprised me. She generally loves mustaches. I even have some pictures of her with fake staches. She talks all the time about how awesome they are and they are awesome. I mean are not all our heroes from Movie and TV mustached, like Ned Flanders, Bob from Bob's Burger and the Artist from the Artist? And all the Ron's - the Anchorman Ron Burgundy, Ron Swanson from Parks and Reck- it's only a matter of time till Ron Weasley will enchant a mustache.
At work people either didn't say anything, probably because they didn't had anything good to say, or they said that they like it. Myself I have still to laugh each time I see myself in the mirror.
I also posted a picture of me and mustache in the internet. My brother Soheil commented that I look awful while my other brother Kamal was writing Freddie Mercury songs as comment, like: "Soroosh wants to live forever",  "Soroosh wants it all", "Soroosh wants to ride his bicycle", and "Soroosh is going slightly mad". But he didn't write "Soroosh is the invisible man" because I'm not- not with that stache!

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