Sunday, June 14, 2015


The last year was a really difficult time for me. But it also was a very creative time were I could contribute to different fields. By now, you should know I created photo series, built a garden shed, became a radio presenter and writer, gave history lessons and took you back in time, created websites, developed an app, wrote a research book chapter, and increased my paper count. I am a man of many talents - a Soroosh of all trades, master of no idiom. “Master of No Idiom” is also the name of my one man Off-Off-Broadway show.
But that’s not all. I spent some efforts into writing a novel, I started a new short story, and I invented a board game. I can’t provide any more details because I don’t like to give details before my work is done. Even, if you ask for the titles I have to say I can’t. No, literally, I can’t. I don’t have a title yet- nothing is set into stone yet. “Set into stone” is the name of my new hair gel brand. Is it important to have a title? Having no name is an option, too and works sometimes. “Works sometimes” is the name of my new airbag system.
In times like that I remember the Hidden Words by Baha’u’llah
“If poverty overtake thee, be not sad; for in time the Lord of wealth shall visit thee. Fear not abasement, for glory shall one day rest on thee.” 
Difficult times will not last. “Not last” is my standing in my last race. Life is about all the ups and downs and what you make off it, I kid you not. “I kid you not” is the title of my contraception flyer.
Actually, it's Off-Off-Off-Broadway

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