Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Book Club

My friend Paige invited me repeatedly to her book club meetings. Yesterday, I went finally. There was a reason why I didn't go before. Aren't book clubs for old people who meet, discus a book, and eat Gouda?  Back when I went to school, I hated book discussions. Teachers didn't like my genius book critics ("It's good!").  Since, I became old, I thought I can as well go to a book club.  To prepare for the club I read William Sears book "God Loves Laughter"  ("It's good!"). As it turned out, I wasn't well prepared. I should have watched animated TV shows instead of reading the book, because the discussion of the shows took longer than the book discussion. Now, I know why Paige always says: you don't need to read the book to come to the book club. The book for the next meeting is "Naked". I forgot the name of the author but it doesn't matter. I will google "Naked". The results should keep me busy the next 3 to 4 weeks. 

PS: I was the oldest that night.
PPS: No-one brought Gouda!

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