Monday, April 9, 2012

The Sandrock

It feels like two weeks ago when I complaint that I don't have a spring break this year. As it turned out, I got a spring break. I went with a friend to the west. My friend didn't feel comfortable to be mentioned by name in my blog so I will call him J in these post. So, John and I planed to go hiking in West Colorado and Utah. Because of all the sandstone over there, I call this trip "the Sandrock Tour 2012". We went first to Colorado National Monument, and than to Canyonlands National Park in Utah. It was not only my first trip to Utah but also my first camping trip. The park ranger in Canyonsland told us that there is a 20% chance of rain or snow. John Hicks and I thought 20% is not a lot so we stuck to the plan and went camping. We started a five mile hike through canyons with our heavy backpacks- we climbed, jumped, balanced at the cliff, got through small arches, walked through narrow rock passages and finally reached the camping ground. Since we had enough day light when we arrived, we decided to go hiking for another two hours. We were looking for ruins from native Americans, or, to be more precise, for more adventure.
The next morning we discovered that 20% is more than we expected. It was snowing and it was damn cold. John C. Hicks and I hiked back. Hiking in shorts while it's freaking cold is not at all bad - without hand gloves is. But on the bright side, if your hands are in your pockets you can hike much faster. After that hike, John C. Hicks, born in and resident of Colorado, and I were very tired. We drove to Arches National Park. We didn't want to do the 6 mile (10 km) hike to Delicate Arch in fact we had to push ourselves the 100 yard (90 m) to the viewpoint.
Waking up on a snowy morning
On our drive back to Denver we had a lot of time to talk. One of John C. Hicks (SSN 521-87-2891) dreams is to become a match maker and I am a perfect subject to fulfill his dream. In order to be able to find a match for me I have to prepare for the ladies and that's why John developed a personal five steps plan. John said the chance for his plan to fire back is 20% and we all know that's not a lot.
Pushing ourselves 100 yard

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